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Panday also mentioned that the BJP will get support from the north-eastern states of the country. She predicts that the BJP will end up with seats and will then need a strong alliance to form a stable government. Independent candidates can play a significant role in the final formation of the government.

It will be the alliance that will form the government. My tarot statistics say that they will get a lot of support from the north-eastern and the eastern states of India," she said. All these prediction and prophecies are working as an appetiser for the common people of India who are eagerly waiting for the pollings to begin. Elections in India are not just a decision-making process where people come together to choose their government, it is rather a grand festival, which celebrates the very spirit of a country that is considered to be the world's biggest democracy.

They say numbers speak for themselves, and the saying applies firmly to Indian elections. Around million voters are registered to cast their vote in April and May, and will collectively decide the destiny of India for the next five years. While planets, stars and the deck of cards have already picked their side, these million people are yet to cast their votes and decide the outcome of the upcoming elections.

The fate of the Indian politicians will be decided on the basis of their performance during their previous tenure and their promises for the future. It was not Trump, it was Hillary. And it was happening before primary people were talking on social media that the subject will be jobs. To give more contexts he talks about how Trump was just a face put up for local politics.

I know he is not. But Trump is a face put out because if Hillary wins Bill Clinton's life will be a huge mess because of the Monica Lewinsky scandal. There is a local politics between the husband and wife.

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To put it in simply it is a political system that believes one country is above other in the world. Pradhan who has analysed various leaders and their characteristics around the globe feels that the world will be ruled by four nationalist Narendra Modi, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and Benjamin Netanyahu.

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We are not moving towards Monarchy. Had it been Hillary in US or Congress in India that is monarchy because just one family wants to rule. You cannot have a Congress President which is not a Gandhi. These nationalists have not made their lives based on their families but their own share of hard work. Modi and Trump are always making the headline. They might look the same but the way they function makes the master difference. Modi is seasoned, he does the exact same thing but uses them as a weapon.

Trump talks about banning media, while Modi welcomes everyone. He believes the more someone hits him, the more successful he gets. If you analyse the mood is nationalist. The result of Uttar Pradesh election shocked millions.

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Who would have thought that the constituency which has been governed by certain parties for decades will welcome a new leader? But how did he come to that conclusion? There was absolutely no role of BJP there as it is very small. So it should go to Congress and that too with Captain Amarinder as the leader nobody else.

I drove my car to 12, kilometers at my own expense. Everyone laughed and look what happened? While the country has their own biases, everyone wants to know who will be the next Prime Minister of India. Those who think BJP has lost its support and people are unhappy might want to hear this.

The tax component was their earning and now they have lost it. Now here comes data science. I am picking data from rural India. How many families have benefited from the cooking gas and electricity? How many have got access to toilets and how many kids are going to school now?

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When I study this I am getting a figure of fifty crore. I had predicted prison time for Assange in Mercury mahadasha. I said the following about Julian Assange 6 years ago when I published the astrology article. This is the last paragraph in the Julian Assage Astrology article. Julian assange is in Mercury mahadasha and Venus Bhukti at this moment. Mercury has a strong connection with the 3rd, 6th, 9th, and 12th houses, cannot give him a permanent home, and may make him move from place to place. April 15, The real battle between Donald Trump and Congress has just begun.

The Saturn and Ketu conjunction is in full power now. Saturn will become more malefic after it goes retrograde on April 29th. April 10, In my March 26, update I had mentioned that American people will see the full Mueller Report between April 29 and June 22 this year. Well, House Democrats have authorized subpoenas for full Mueller Report today.

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  5. If this matter goes to court, House Democrats will win this battle. It seems like this astrology prediction will also be coming correct, very soon. I had also mentioned in my Trump Astrology Predictions more that 2 years ago that Donald Trump and the GOP party will be at loggerheads after June over some policy issues. April 3, Cohen will now surrender to prison on May 6 to begin a three-year sentence. Sentencing of Trump campaign aide Rick Gates was delayed to May Flynn is still not sentenced. All these guys are cooperating with several ongoing investigations including the SDNY investigation.

    It seems like all these ongoing investigations may come to closure in May, June this year, unless the sentencing dates of Cohen, Gates and Flynn are again delayed. Beyond these ongoing investigations including the SDNY investigation, Trump faces the potential disclosure of the full Mueller Report, which may contain some very damaging information, also in May, June this year. Saturn is going retrograde on April Mars will be in conjunction with Rahu in Gemini sign opposite Saturn, Ketu conjunction in Sagittarius sign, in May, June this year, and then there are eclipses in July this year that will fall on these planets.

    March 29, I received requests from people to make comments on Jussie Smollett case. According to me Jussie Smollett is not out of woods yet, his time according to his astrology chart is very bad at least until November March 28, It seems like a cover up. Mitch McConnell just blocked the vote on the release of full Mueller Report second time. Why not release the full Mueller Report, if Donald Trump has nothing to hide. You will see Trump will again get into deep trouble in May, June, July this year.

    But Trump's job is safe until November this year. Sometime between November this year and April , Trump will be forced to resign from his Presidency, as predicted by me more than 2 years ago. March 27, Well the problem has already started, exactly around same time. Donald Trump is claiming a total exoneration based on the four-page AG Barr letter. No one knows what is contained in the Mueller Report.

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    Democrats are demanding the release of the full Mueller Report to the American people. Trump will do his best to hide the Mueller Report. In my opinion American people should be able to see the full Mueller Report between April 29th and June 22nd this year. Saturn goes retrograde while in conjunction with Ketu on April 29th. Between May 6th and June 22nd Mars will be in conjunction with Rahu in Gemini sign opposite retrograde Saturn in conjunction with Ketu in Sagittarius sign. March 26, The Saturn and Ketu conjunction has just begun.

    Watch: Who will be the next prime minister of India? What astrologers have to say

    The truth will emerge if there is any cover up by the end of July this year. March 25, In the end Trump will be impeached, between June and April , as predicted by me more than 2 years ago. March 24, Astrologically I am surprised today. I am surprised that Donald Trump was not found guilty of obstruction of justice.

    Now there will be battle between House Democrats and Republicans over the release of full Mueller Report. Things will become clearer, after the full Mueller Report will be released.

    Let us see how this thing will play out for Trump. I see this year a very difficult year for Donald Trump. Although there are no further indictments on the Mueller portion of the investigation, the Mueller Report will contain some damaging information about Donald Trump, as Saturn and Ketu conjunction is going on right now.