Libraian man and libra woman compatibility

I haven't seen it work out the other way around. Libra man and Leo woman don't last as long due to gender roles perscribed by society. They both end up spending too much money, getting into arguements over infidelity and being highly indecisive about most things.

Virgo Man and Libra Woman

Is it true that leo's don't appreciate recieving too much attention? Five planets of Libra. I've always read that Leos love attention and need constant reassurance - this I know to be true for at least one Leo male that I know. Although I did fancy a Scorpio Water a short time ago and my experience with him left a deep impression on me - He was so intense and he has those penetrate-to-your-soul eyes. Wow, how did I botch that 'Quote' by Sparrow up? Anywho, below is what I said in response to her post: I like the Fire signs too But, that would also only really help their compatibility.

I think with Libra women the relationship with a Leo man usually ends up helping solidify what the Libra woman truly wants, and unfortunately with the Leo man he ends up only wanting the Libra woman more and more. The Libra woman usually moves on from this relationship to one she is likely to stick with till the end.

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Though this combo is the most frequently married but also the highest likelihood of divorce. I think they are more compatible than Libra man Leo woman, this combination is usually instigated by a strong initial spark and is followed up with frustration as the Leo woman tries to control the relationship and the Libra man is not one to take this lightly or kindly. Most astrologers have it wrong when they say a Libra man wants a strong woman. We do want a strong woman in the sense of self confidence and capability but not in the sense of wanting to control or dominate.

In my experience a Libra woman's needs are better served by an Aries sun as their personality is more genuine, of the fire signs and Libra man's by Saggitarius as they for some reason have a lot of adoration and confidence in Libra men. I do think that an air sign sun is best for Libras and a Leo moon is favorable in a partner.

Either way whatever the moon sign I think the partners moon sign needs to be of the same polarity On both accounts! I tend to have a lot of leo friends. I love their certainty and aggressiveness coupled with their great nobility and sensitivity. Truly wonderful people. I sincerly think I haven't yet met a Leo I didn't like.

Libra is actually a masculine sign. It is also a cardinal sign so by definition it may actually be more masculine than Leo. Because I am dainty and have a very airy feminine feel, I inspire in people a need to look after me or protect me. They are often confused when I not only take care of my business but in a crisis, take care of theirs and everyone around me. I must object to one thing nic. Some of the oldest and most stable relationships I know are Leo man - Libra woman.

As for my 'Bias', call it what makes you feel better. Oh, calm down with the "pansy" and "dump her in a heartbeat" after "we chase Libra women hard" stuff. Most of us have been around long enough to know your a de-fanged house cat, not a lion.

Very encouraging for when I meet up with my Leo friend in Nov I've never felt completely satisfied in love but I've never been with a Leo before and just through contact again after 14 years I already feel we are quite compatible! I haven't seen one considering the couples where I knew the both signs that has stood the test of time let alone done so admirably.

Libra Woman and Cancer Man Compatibility

I have seen a lot of Libra's and Leo's learn some amazing life lessons in their relationships together though. If you clean their home, they may keep your around just for that. Of course, they will repay you somehow. Note: Your Venus sign shows your characteristics in close relationships, not necessarily in any other area of your life. Conjunctions to Venus from the outer planets will alter your love style.

Read more about Venus in Libra. Be sure to try the free compatibility report.

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See more Love and Relationships. See more Libra Venus. You should do your natural chart comparison, so you can find out both of your Venus and Moon. Im a libra woman who is in love with a libra man and he wont tell me how he feels about me and i told him how i feel so i told him im walkin away cause it hurts and makes me angry but i miss him so wat should i do. The epitome of manhood. Has all of the qualities a real woman desires. Very mannerable. My girlfriend is a Libra and she confesses her feelings a lot. Is she bluffing? I have married two and Im dating one now.

Recently heard someone say they would rather have love trust than love.

Libra and Scorpio Compatibility In Love, Sex and Marriage Life

Sooner than later it will push you over the edge. Still, I have only ever loved Libras. Why do I keep making the same choice that never works out? We have no idea how to communicate after all we started young age. We are really bad together now and love seems so fake now. Notify me when new comments are added.

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