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This month, you will learn the difference between the mere pursuit of happiness and actually living how you want to live. You will also learn the difference between avoiding reality — and basing every decision on the unfolding realities around you. Get specific. You must believe in yourself and take your abilities more seriously.

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If certain people do not seem to be coming through for you, remember that this year of forward movement requires you to stand alone and face your own reality. It is also likely that the people you are depending on are actually depending on you to take the bull by the horns and assert yourself. Remember that the evolutionary purpose of the 1 Year is to teach you about independence.

February highlights the powers of self expression and communication: what you choose to express, and what you choose to keep under wraps. Discretion and diplomacy will work well for you now. Do what feels right for you, moment by moment. Recognize and appreciate the small joys in your life.

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Notice those areas in which happiness already exists and truly appreciate them. If you cannot see them, it is probably because they are hidden by areas of unhappiness or turmoil which must not be ignored. Those are the issues and circumstances that must be worked through and changed as the year proceeds. Be patient with your progress because this particular journey has only just begun, and as it unfolds, there will be many new sources of fulfillment to discover and experience.

Inner beauty is vital, but do not neglect the physical. However, if you base your outer appearance on what others think, you are not learning this valuable lesson of individuality. On the other hand, some other aspect of appearance and presentation may be involved here, particularly in work related matters.

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A chance to progress may arise through friends, social activities, and connecting to others, personally and professionally. Be open minded. The world is changing fast.

New ideas are needed. Find a way to exercise compassion, while at the same time, take care of your own needs. This is a 9-book collectable set. Buy one book — or more — or buy all 9 books and get one free. Free Book does not apply to Kindle. This profile will help you to understand your purpose for being here at this precarious evolutionary time in the human journey, what you have to work on , and what you have to work with. The entire population of the Universe, with one trifling exception, is made up of other people.

If a misunderstanding or clash of interests distracts you from a goal, or creates uncertainty about who you are and where your life is going, it is time to sort out this situation. The feelings of all concerned are likely to run deep. Aggression will not help. Avoidance will make matters worse. Remember that peace is the main objective of the 2 vibration.

Try to use tact, humility, and encouragement toward someone who must not only deal with his or her own uncertainties and insecurities, but also with yours. We are all fellow travelers on this precarious road of life, and this month in particular, much can be achieved through basic decency and respect for each other. You have arrived at a crossroads and decisions must be made. But do ask yourself why you cannot handle balance two or more situations simultaneously. Perhaps, if you were better organized, or less inclined to take things so personally, you would have more time and space in which to work, rest, and even play.

The wellbeing of others must be considered, but you will be unable to take care of their needs if yours are ignored. Yes, others are expecting a lot from you, and you would do well to be sensitive to their circumstances, needs, and feelings, and give them your support. You are actually in a strong position, but you can easily upset things by jumping to conclusions without patiently assessing the long-term implications.

Only by simplifying and being better organized will you know what your priorities need to be at this time. This will enable you to consciously set the foundation — actually start to create — what you want for yourself. Put everything in its right place, detail by detail.

Numerology predicts many life events, believers say. When will good fortune come your way?

A unified effort will be stronger than any individual effort. The true meaning of co-operation is to operate together. Open your mind to alternatives. Denied fear often draws to us the very situations we are trying to avoid. The acceptance of fear helps us to find ways to bypass or deal with potentially frightening situations. Your vision is not being destroyed by the presence of others. It is simply expanding so that they can be included in it. This month brings you to the very edges of your limits so that you can push those boundaries away from you with your increased determination, patience, and belief in yourself.

As you expand as an individual, so too must your limits of tolerance. You will then realize that you can divide your attention proportionately, and that a particular vision or dream, if you are prepared to adjust it to suit your new reality, is still very much alive. People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. The people who get on in this world are those who get up and look for the circumstances they want.

Virtually anything can happen in February in the 3 year — a month of diversity, excitement, change, and high expectation.

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  8. This month, horizons broaden. Love blossoms. Ideas and babies are conceived.

    New life is formed. Possibilities abound. Adventure is in the air. You may experience the conclusion of one matter so that another can expand.

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    And, yet, this month can only promise one thing. The unexpected. Your life will change this month. A whole series of changes may occur — a chain reaction of events. Be confident.

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    Go with it. Remember it was you who wanted change in the first place. Stay focused and alert. So much is going on around you that you may ignore important details.